70m³ Separationstank / In Kürze erhältlich

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70m³ Separationstank / In Kürze erhältlich

Rain for Rent International Poly Lined Steel Tanks have a capacity of 22,712 litres and can be used to store wastewater, caustics, acids, and many other chemical or liquids - even at high temperatures.

The enclosed, vapour tight tank has the structural integrity of steel plus the chemical and corrosion resistance of polyethylene.

Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Rain for Rent's Poly Lined Steel mobile storage tanks are lined with medium density polyethylene bonded to carbon steel
  • This liner is three times thicker than the typical 1.52mm hick "spray-in" liner; the Poly Lined Steel Tank liner is 4.75mm
  • The lining allows for storage of products up to 66°C and specific gravity up to 2.0
  • The tanks are vapour tight with a standard pressure rating of 69mBar
  • Multiple ports on the roof are available for (optional) level gauges or "pipe away" tank venting
  • The thief hatch style pressure-vacuum vent is rated for 69mBar pressure and 1.3mmHg vacuum
  • Several connectors and drains allow for easy access and a safe operation when filling or draining the tank
  • The tanks feature a 'Quick-Kleen' "V" shaped floor with ports at floor level for easy clean up when the job is complete
  • The tanks are easy to move with multiple handling options: ISO, Ampliroll Hook Lift, and Forklift


Kritische Daten

  • Capacity: 22,712 Litres (22.7m3)
  • Length: 6,300mm
  • Width: 2,439mm
  • Height: 2,591mm
  • Weight: approx. 7,212kg (empty)
  • Materials:
    • ASTM A36 carbon steel walls (6.35mm)
    • ASTM A36 carbon steel reinforcements
  • Transporting:
    • Ampliroll Hook Lift
    • Twistlock
  • Loading/Unloading:
    • Ampliroll Hook Lift
    • Forklift
    • Crane - Using ISO corners
  • Exterior Coating: Weather resistant acrylic enamel finish with durable chemical resistant coating around manway openings
  • Interior Coating: Chemical resistant medium density polyethylene
  • Please call for specific chemical compatibility information